• CFD195S-FR

    2.8D-SFR Coaxial Cable


    Item Material Diameter (mm)
    Inner conductor Bare Copper Wire Nominal 7/0.32
    Outside Diameter 0.97
    Insulation Gas Injected Foamed Polyehtlene Nominal 0.91
    Nom. Diameter 2.79
    Shield Bonded Aluminum Foil
    Construction 0.038 mm
    Tinned copper wire
    Construction 16X7/0.12 mm
    Coverage 95%(Approx.)
    Nominal 0.12
    Jacket LSZH PE Nominal 4.95

    Electrical Specification (At 20℃)

    Description Value
    Impedance 50 Ω @200MHz
    Voltage withstand 1000V rms/1min
    Capacitance Nom. 83 pF/m
    CFD195S-FR Spec. PDF
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